Sunday, 12 June 2011

Dragons on the news!

OMG I can't believe these reports about dragon sightings on the news! Have you seen anything? I love dragons so am really excited to hear from anyone who knows anything about them. Post here if you have any info!


  1. Regina Felangi12 June 2011 at 14:16

    I saw that news report too! Unbelievable! I was doing a bit more research and found this article about a dragon sighting in Lake Windermere in England earlier this year!

  2. Does anyone know if these are friendly dragons or if they are dangerous?!!

  3. NYC-Dragon-Watch12 June 2011 at 15:25

    I haven't actually seen a dragon with my own eyes (yet!) but there was a mysterious fire in my local park last night, nobody knows how it started. I think it must be dragon-related.

    I live just outside New York City.

  4. We were all called into an emergency assembly this morning and discovered the news! A lot of people initially thought it was fake, but now it's turning out to be very real.

    At break time today, one pupil spotted what looked like a dragon. It must have been at least 2 metres wide and was black in colour. Two other children shared similar sightings. Of particular note, one said "it was flying really fast so it was hard to see."

    We're going to investigate further!

  5. Dragon Busters13 June 2011 at 10:40

    Our organisation is based in London. We've been expecting this sort of thing for some time. It is vital that we hear about any further sightings.

    Post any information that you have on this site. Describe your sightings and actions carefully - details could be very important.



  6. This morning our class had a tip-off that a dragon might have been in Forest Hill, so we went to Baxter's field to investigate!!

    We saw dragon dung, burnt tar, red skin on a fence, a huge hole and found a huge egg nested on some leaves! We also think we saw a footprint in the mud and a red scale!

    During playtime, some vigilant children saw some shadows in the trees and the trees were rustling without any wind blowing!

  7. Dragon Busters14 June 2011 at 04:29

    This is VERY exciting.

    Forest Hill you say......... hmmmmmmmm we may have to come and investigate for ourselves.

  8. A huge shadow has just passed over the houses on our street!

    At first, my neighbours and I thought that it was an eclipse; however, when we rushed outside to witness what we thought was a solar phenomenon, we saw something quite different. Running through the sky, like the lines left by airplanes, were streaks of smoke and there was a gaping hole left in the clouds... but nothing else to be seen.

    Could this have been a dragon?! I saw the reports on the news and was hoping they would make their way over to Blackheath. I guess keeping your fingers and toes crossed, wishing for something to happen, really does work! :)

  9. A dragon was spotted flying over the railway in Sydenham on Monday night. I tried to take a photo but only caught a glimpse of its wing... There are rumours of more dragon sightings in the Forest Hill area, to be confirmed later today!

  10. I am a junior dragonologist that has been studying the work of Dr. Ernest Drake and others for 2-3 years. I have read all of the comments on this site, and I want to study and map out these sightings. But to do so I am asking you all to please list the exact locations of these sightings (city, state, country). If you can at least give really detailed descriptions of the dragons, I can research what kind of dragon you may have seen. I will periodically check this site, so keep posting. I also would like to know more about the organization, Dragon Busters. Thank you and for those who have seen dragons, be careful!

  11. Madaboutmyths,they have come to bring luck and only reveal thenselves to the honest.i once saw one that by size seemed to be 50 ft long and 7 ft tall.

  12. They dont mean any harm to us,we just feel unsafe with magical legendary beasts around us.

    1. I'm not saying that they mean to harm anyone. But dragons don't exactly trust humans and can take things the wrong way.
      -junior dragonologist

  13. Mad about myths,they have come for peace except:jawzhar,smaug,and gorynych.i saw a dragon that looked platinum it flew up to the moon and about 30 ft long and 7 feet tall anonymous that's a dragonologist.

  14. You guys should check out dragon sightings in louis ville on you tube.

  15. In brookfield v.a,i saw a dragon flying next to my window,this is the same anonymous as the one with the 4 posts above this one.and the next morning i found my dragon-stone outside my house.

  16. I will never stop believing in dragons!i could do almost anything to have one as a pet!

  17. Me 2 Regina felangi!it looked like a spine sticking out of the water!